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leak detection

A detection system that will shut off the water supply
as soon as water is detected.

Water Leak Detection with Shut off Valves

Small drops on plumbing systems do not get better on their own, a small weep will turn into a small drip and then go on to a faster drip.

With a water leak detection system, a small sensor is placed in the area where a drip/weep/leak is more likely. When water comes into contact with this sensor, the valve will close the water supply, therefore minimizing the water damage. Also shutting the water off will indicate to you there is a problem.

The cost of repairing a ceiling is estimated between £300 to £1000, plus the time and disruption to your life. Your insurance policy will go up, you may have to move out for a few days or even up to 6 month to get a full repair carried out.

I am a plumber with years of experience and I have seen pretty much all the different types of leaks and damage, from just a small damp mark that can be painted over to a full blown leak in the roof that has run for several hours while the customer was out shopping that made the ceilings collapse in the bedrooms, lounge and dinning room One customer went to the merchant and perched some paint, 2hr later the job was done.
The other customer had to move out their house trying desperately to recover their belongings and then being told that their house was unsafe to enter. They moved back in about 8months later.
A leak detection system would have stopped this and the customer would never have known that there whole world could have been turned upside down after 2hrs shopping.

Placement of sensors:

  • Under the bath
  • In the airing cupboard
  • By the loft tank
  • In the kitchen cupboard

Placement of shut off valves:

Incoming water main (with all combi and pressurized systems)
Cold water down service   (with traditional gravity feed systems)
Hot water down service (with traditional gravity feed systems)